Overcrossings Project


Overcrossings Project was a series of three happenings on three pedestrian overcrossings above the Interstate-110 Arroyo Seco Freeway during summer 2016. The project will culminate in an artist publication. The I-110, celebrated as the world’s first freeway, has cut a wall through the communities of Chinatown, Cypress Park, Highland Park, and South Pasadena. In an attempt to provide safe access across these inhuman spaces, pedestrian overcrossings both accommodate and cage the body.

Sixteen artists and two collectives engaged with each site and its surrounding communities through performance, temporary installations, and/or writing or print-specific projects for the publication. In this alienating maze of concrete and vehicles, how do we inhabit the paths built for walking?

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Image: Arroyo Seco from old railroad trestle north of Avenue 26, looking south, L.A. County, 1940. Courtesy of Auto Club of Southern California Archives.

Erik Benjamins
Jess & Yvette Castillo
Jonathan Crisman
Steven Chodoriwsky
Andrea Huber
Frances Huynh
Ryan S. Jeffery
Flora Kao
Isa Knafo
LABOR, PATAO & Alex Reed
Julie & Kristy Lovich
Heather M. O’Brien
Scott Oshima
Jonathan Takahashi

Photo documentation: Christina Simons

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