Talking to my neighbors about these plants

June 15–16, 2013
3100–3500 Atwater Avenue

Talking to my neighbors about these plants was a public, temporary exhibition of photographs that share a conversation between private lives, public spaces, and plants. With my neighbors' permission, I photographed and isolated their front yard plants, which could only grow in the diverse dirt of L.A., with each neighbor’s care, love, and water. The photographs were then mounted on city strips—the city-owned but homeowner-maintained plots of land between the sidewalk and street—in front of the respective neighbor’s home.

After the exhibition, I hand-delivered a print publication to every participating neighbor, which included the letters I sent, this exhibition documentation, and a small photograph of their plants.

A special thanks to AJPJ, my friends, and neighbors.

Photo documentation by Jess Castillo.

S. Oshima © 2019